Wednesday, 7 September 2011

When "HUMAN" is no longer a "HUMAN"

Hi guys, its me Monkey Boy...Fuh....gotta admit..this week we gotta call it "ANIMALS ABUSE WEEK"cause all i heard is about animals abuse here and there !

What is wrong with US PEOPLE ? KILLING ANIMALS ? for what ? FUN ?

I'm soo sorry..but when it comes about animals abuse..i felt sooooo ANGRY ! like if you give me the culprit who did all this animals abuse, he's GONE ! seriously !

Here's another story...i got this notes from "Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better" and i wanna share it with all of you around the world..

Below is the original notes :

We were told by a friend of an incident near her house and we are troubled by what we heard.
Apparently the inbred and mentally twisted local council workers went on a shooting rampage at Batu Maung and shot three dogs.
Shooting of dogs have been prohibited - so why are these retards behaving like cheap cowboys?
One of the poor dog managed to run away with a bullet lodged in its neck.
If only rescuers had gotten to the dog on time, not only would its life been saved, we would have had fantastic evidence to roast the culprit's collective posteriors.
The Department of Veterinary Services had issued a notice sometime last year banning the shooting of strays - but these dumb-asses refuse to follow the ban because kononnya they do not fall under the jurisdiction of the DVS which is under the Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry.
The local councils, on the other hand, come under the jurisdiction of the Housing and Local Government Ministry.
Helloooooooo, doesn't the ministries belong to the same government and the respective ministers cabinet colleagues?
So what gives?
We are tired and fed-up with all these cases of animal cruelty - more so by the local councils which incidentally are the biggest animal abusers in the country.
We are not sure if the dog has or hasn't been euthanised yet but it could still be alive as it would have been past office hours by the time the jerks got it to the pound.
Can someone go to the pound and have a look?

So guys ? mmm..i don't know if the poor dog is still alive or no..Just close your eyes and imagine..If we are that dog..running for our live..try to feel his heartbeat..feel the pain..its just soo hard isn't it.. HUMAN again..PLEASE...


Hunny said...

our family used to have a female dog.she was shot dead in front of our house while we were out to town.just because she wasnt wearing a neck collar and they mistakenly thought she was one of the strays... :'(

Monkey Boy said...

mmm..what makes me why must we shot em ? to make em feel btter ? :( mm..btw..sorry for your lost...hope she RIP in heaven... :(

Saiazuan said...

sgt teruk!!! even dlm movie pun smpaikn mesej psl penderaan atas haiwan ni

Monkey Boy said...

mm..beselah wan..kadang2..tak sume yg atas sifat belas kasihan mcm yg kte2 ade.. :( ntahla..juz hope bnd nie akan brubah..hope smua manusia akan jd baik dan syg binatang !