Thursday, 29 September 2011

Filling up the world with monkeys !

Hi guys.. Monkey boy here ! :)  Since I don't have anything to write about, so I don't write..haha..

Instead ! Here are some pictures for you guys ! Monkeys................. !! Make some noise ! :)

Show the world who we funny we adorable we trouble we are !

                         No wonder why people said we're twin..ha, ha..

                      Ooooo... ( the baby monkey seems so excited )

               Monkey : Yeah ! It's true..that thing was this big you know !

 Dude..I'm in heaven....

If human can't stop animal abuse, then I will !

Kera dapat bunga ( nielah rupa dia )

Making ice - kepal

I love you

I'm the greatest paparazi ! cute..

Haha..mane la nk bwk kucing tue ?

See..animals are one pure happiness and love, we can fake a laugh when we look at human's act but there is no fake laugh when we looking at them ( animals ). All the things that they did are totally honest and pure. Do you guys really wanna destroy god most beautiful creation ? Once again. Im begging on my knee, please..please..


Love the animals..Love the world..Love yourself

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Look at this pictures and tell me what you think ?

                        Look into his eyes, and tell me what you feel ?

                    Photo of a dogs before they were killed for their meat

                 Waiting for someone ? or that "someone" left her alone

                       She's giving up, she's totally give up with her life

So guys ? Tell me what you feel when you look at all this pictures ? Can you see that they have feelings ? Animals do have feelings..Seriously..I'm begging all of you guys,  please STOP ANIMAL ABUSE..please..

Love the animals..Love the world..Love yourself..

Monday, 26 September 2011

Can't forgive, can't forget

Hi guys, sorry cause it's been a while... :)  I kinda busy nowadays..huu..but that won't stop me from spreading this words..


Haha..yup ! This three meaningful words to me ! :) I hope someday even if I'm gone. Everybody or any animals group will use this words as their logo or whatever. Ah, just think about it makes me feel so good inside.

Oh ya, today my entry is about can't forgive, can't forget ! Mmm..remember about the Petknode's massacre ? Probably most of you guys never know who is the person behind this massacre right ?

Here they are

Yup..both of em are the owner of Petknode..Just hope that they won't do the same mistake again..

Love the animals..Love the world..Love yourself..

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Pan Kun ( Smartest Monkey Ever )

Guys !! Hello...Oh ya...You know me right ? Monkey Boy, so today I will introduce you guys to my friend..


Yup, everybody give it up for Pan Kun and James..know who they are ? No ? Yes ? If no, then you are missing one of God's most intelligent creation. All I know that Pan Kun is the smartest monkey ever live and he's staying in Japan. He got a friend name James, a bull dog type dog. Together they did many impossible things even for us human !

I've been following their story for almost 3 to 4 years, and i watched how their story ends. I'm telling you, the ending........ :'(  so sad but meaningful even for us human. Please spare some of your free time and watch their videos. You won't regret it ! I can guarantee you that !

Here are some of the videos about Pan Kun and James. If you wanna see more, just go to YOUTUBE and key in Pan Kun ! :)  ENJOY !

Goodbye Grandma ( 2 episode )
 Pan Kun starring "The Ring"

                                      Pan Kun working as Fire Fighter

Once again, seriously better go and watch it ! It's really worth it ! :)

Love the animals..Love the world..Love yourself..

Monday, 19 September 2011

Monkey Majik

Hi guys..Morning !! :)  Oh ya..again another thank you for those who give me some of your time reading my blog.. :)

Today's entry is a bit different from the other because today its ANIMALS'S MUSIC time ! Yup, you heard me.. :)

I said before that my blog is about animals only right ? So today I'm going to introduce to you..


Haha..don't get me wrong, even the band called Monkey Majik, but they are humans not monkey. I just wanna share with you guys why I love this band. First of all, i think the only reason is because the name MONKEY itself. I don't know but when it comes to monkey, i will become excited for no reasons. That's me I guess.. :)

This band is totally rock dude ! Trust me ! :) Here is some info about em'  !

Monkey Majik  is a Japanese pop-rock band formed in 2000, consisting of two Canadian brothers (Maynard and Blaise Plant) and two Japanese members (Tax and Dick).

Maynard moved to Japan in 1997 to teach English after graduating from Queen's University . He was able to learn Japanese while working as an Assistant Language Teacher. Blaise moved to Japan in 2001 to continue the band, and spending some time as a solo-artist. His Japanese came quickly as a result of memorizing Japanese songs. The band started off as a hobby but quickly turned serious when in 2001 they released their first EP called TIRED, a self-financed release limited to 1,000 copies. In 2002, they signed with the record label UNDER HORSE RECORDS. In 2003 the band released the first full-length album "SPADE.

In 2007 Monkey Majik released their fourth full-length album "Sora wa maru de", where the titled song "Sora wa maru de" became the first song in Japanese History to reach number 1 on USEN Request Chart before being released. Since "Tired" the band has sold out every venue across Japan, and is often seen signing autographs after the shows.

Their 2008 album "TIME" opened its first week at number 2 on the Oricon Chart.
In 2010, their songs "Fast Forward" and "Sunshine" were used as the first and second (respectively) opening themes for the anime.

Here are the list of their songs..Seriously guys ! Listen to it !

Aishiteru ( Really Must Hear)
All By Myself
All My Life ( Must Hear )
Around the World ( Must Hear )
Car Crash
Change (Must Hear )
Don't You Cry
Endless Summer
Falling ( Must Hear )
Fast Foward
Fly ( Really Must Hear )
I Like Pop
I Miss You
Kagayaku Yoru
Let's Get Along
Livin in the Sun
Long Shot Penny ( Must Hear )
Maybe ( Must Hear )
Mr Postman
No Snow In December ( Must Hear )
One Moment
Open Happiness ( Really Must Hear )
Perfect Picture ( Really Must Hear )
Pretty People
Robot inc
Sakura ( Really Must Hear )
Sorawa Maru De
Tada, Arigatou ( Really Must Hear )
Thank You
Together ( Must Hear )
Watching You
Wish I

That's all ! :) So guys..what are you waiting for ? Go to Youtube or 4shared and download it all..seriously ! It's really worth it ! TRUST ME ! Support the band who use animals name ! :)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Shot them in the head !

Hi guys..Monkey boy here ! First of all, a thousand thank you to those who read my blog !! Thank you so much ! :) Hope you guys will keep on reading my blog even if it is boring...... :) bear with it okay ! hehe.. :)

Oh's post is about...


What ? Shot who's head ? Me ? You ? Animals ? Actually I found this topic when i browse through a forum, and i think that this is something we ANIMALS LOVER must know and ALERT..So I decided to post it here..

Here's the original writing...

Dey.... For some reasons, my house and my neighbourhood had been haunted by stray cats for many years... Due to the slumdog situation in our place.... Rubbish are everywhere, dogs and cats are everywhere...we have rats at the size of a kitten everywhere.... Throw a opened twisties packet(with twisties inside) on the ground at can see a feast there by those rats..... Rats are least of a problem than what we have... THe worst....Cats.

The reason being... Rats are far more braver than rats as rats will not go wander everywhere at day time and they are the weakest in the food chain. cats on the other hand can come and go everywhere they like to.... Our neighbourhood was haunted by cats day and ngiht.... RUbbish were open by them.... whole palce were filled up with bones and giblets, dead lizards killed by them was brought into our house, even some small living mamals were brought in until rotten with maggots, pee and poo everywhere....

Finally I found a way to punish ....or rather warn them to behave themselves.....

I bought this...

Everytime I found a cat, I will try to aim at their leg and shoot it....Some times I miss aim and will miss shot at their head instead. ( Monkey boy says : This is crazy dude ! )

The bullets..

Oh today I shot many cats liao..... But at night accidentally shot a pregnant cat's stomach...felt so sorry for her....

Anyway.....I will keep on haunting and give them warning....Currently looking for a small kitty.....which broke our glasses....

Neighborhood kids was impressed by me and they call me the cat punisher....But the name I asked them to call me the usual way.
There you go..A words from a kid ! maybe under 12 I think. Guys ? What do you think ? What he did i right ? I swear if I meet this kid somewhere. I'll take take gun and shot it in his head.

P / S : I once were shot by my friend using this kind of gun, and the result ? Unbelievable pain ! Imagine what the cats feel...

Kid..hear me...

Love the animals..Love the world..Love yourself

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Lab Chimps see daylight for first time in 30 YEARS !

Hi Guys..The first time I knew about this..I was like " OMG " ! How could it be that way ?

But this is serious guys ! Lab Chimps see daylight for first time in 30 YEARS !! Can you believe that ?

From what I read, this chimps were taken away from their mother since they were born and become guinea pigs for US HUMAN to do test on them ! All the chimps were injected with HIV and HEPATITIS!

Finally the company that took them located in Austria were sold and the chimps were set free. But, for now all the chimps are staying at a farm nearby to let them adapt with the world..

This are the photos when the chimps were set free...

The chimps were confused and bit nervouse because they never knew such beautiful world exist..

The most emotional picture ever..Where the chimps hugging each other because they can't believe they are free..they hugged each other before they took a step outside..Can you imagine how they felt a that time ?

We are free..surely the most happiest day ever in their life..

I know that research are important for a better life, but does that give us the right to harm them ? Please stop using apes or chimps as guinea pig ! try other methods..I'm sure there will be some other ways.

And one last things..don't be sooo arrogant saying that chimps and other animals are dirty, stupid or whatever..You guys gotta know, we are living today because of them..We are alive today because of them..We own them a life..So at least..please apprciate it by not killing any animals or torture them..

Love the animals..Love the world..Love yourself


Hi guys ! :)'s your day ? I just came back from my hometown in Seremban. Oh ya, man...the haze...ooh..its so bad ! My throat started to feel dry and a bit dizzy..

So you guys out there, better wear a gas mask if you wanna go out, its for you own me ! :)

My entry today is about....  


Seriously ? A monkey look just like human ? or is it human look like a monkey ?

mmm..if you guys wanna know..keep reading ! :)

This thing happened when i went for a trip to Bukit Melawati in Kuala Selangir. This Bukit Melawati is kinda like a historical place here in Kuala Selangor. They got this old house, a place where people said that the Japanese army beheaded their enemies and all that stuff..I really don't mind all about that, but something else interested me and make me wanna go back again to that place..

Yup ! This ! This is the one ! That One special creature that makes me wanna go back to Bukit Melawati again ! Is this the monkey that look just like human ?
I tried to snap a photo of him but its too hard cause his always hiding..I swear I gotta snap his face once before i leave..So i tried  many ways to snap it, but he keeps hiding ! Oh man...

Finally ! I managed to snap it !

Huh ? Which one is the monkey that LOOK JUST LIKE HUMAN ?

Hmm..I must find it ! No matter what ! :)

Finally ! After a long search..I finally managed to snap that monkey ! :)

Yeza !! SEE !! SEE ! THAT'S HIM ! The monkey that look just like human !! Errrr..wait..or..he ( human ) look just like a monkey ? errr..Which one la ? Haiya...hehe..

GUYS !! Haha...that's me la..Yup ! me ! hanging out with my dudes !! XD

Hehehe..there is no monkey look like human la..but human look like a monkey got ! hehe.. :)
If you guys wanna know, at Bukit Melawati, all this monkey are also one of the attraction. What makes them so special then the other monkeys is that they are soooo tame ! :)

See..see.. :)  How tame and cute they are ! Hehe..i don't know but they are too friendly ! :)

Hahaha..oh ya..forget to tell you, if you guys are carrying any sort of careful ! They are coming ! hehe.. :)

Asking me for more food ! hehe

Haha..Beware guys ! The monkies are coming !

Mummy monkey and her young !

Can you guys do this ? hehe..

The picture below will show you what happens when you try to MASSAGE A MONKEY ! that time i felt a bit shocked but happy ! hehe..I don't how, but i know that I can trust these monkeys ! I trust that they won't bite me ! hehe.. happy lorh I met them !

Last photos before I wanna go home ! Seems like they don't want me to leave..huhu..but the last picture you are about to see is the most awesome picture ever ! Seriously ! prepare to witness the best animals picture ever ! JENG ! JENG ! JENG !

Monkey :
Bro ! Look there man....Hot girls are coming !
Me :
..............................oh yeah...hee..

So guys ! What are you waiting for ? Head down to Bukit Melawati in Kuala Selangor and experience something you'll never feel before ! I'm going back again ! I swear !  Really can't wait to see those dudes again ! XD

Credits to my beloved girlfriend a.k.a photographer : Faiqah Kernaini ! :)

Love animals..Love the world..Love yourself