Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Hi guys ! :) haha..how's your day ? I just came back from my hometown in Seremban. Oh ya, man...the haze...ooh..its so bad ! My throat started to feel dry and a bit dizzy..

So you guys out there, better wear a gas mask if you wanna go out, its for you own good..trust me ! :)

My entry today is about....  


Seriously ? A monkey look just like human ? or is it human look like a monkey ?

mmm..if you guys wanna know..keep reading ! :)

This thing happened when i went for a trip to Bukit Melawati in Kuala Selangir. This Bukit Melawati is kinda like a historical place here in Kuala Selangor. They got this old house, a place where people said that the Japanese army beheaded their enemies and all that stuff..I really don't mind all about that, but something else interested me and make me wanna go back again to that place..

Yup ! This ! This is the one ! That One special creature that makes me wanna go back to Bukit Melawati again ! Is this the monkey that look just like human ?
I tried to snap a photo of him but its too hard cause his always hiding..I swear I gotta snap his face once before i leave..So i tried  many ways to snap it, but he keeps hiding ! Oh man...

Finally ! I managed to snap it !

Huh ? Which one is the monkey that LOOK JUST LIKE HUMAN ?

Hmm..I must find it ! No matter what ! :)

Finally ! After a long search..I finally managed to snap that monkey ! :)

Yeza !! SEE !! SEE ! THAT'S HIM ! The monkey that look just like human !! Errrr..wait..or..he ( human ) look just like a monkey ? errr..Which one la ? Haiya...hehe..

GUYS !! Haha...that's me la..Yup ! me ! hanging out with my dudes !! XD

Hehehe..there is no monkey look like human la..but human look like a monkey got ! hehe.. :)
If you guys wanna know, at Bukit Melawati, all this monkey are also one of the attraction. What makes them so special then the other monkeys is that they are soooo tame ! :)

See..see.. :)  How tame and cute they are ! Hehe..i don't know but they are too friendly ! :)

Hahaha..oh ya..forget to tell you, if you guys are carrying any sort of foods..be careful ! They are coming ! hehe.. :)

Asking me for more food ! hehe

Haha..Beware guys ! The monkies are coming !

Mummy monkey and her young !

Can you guys do this ? hehe..

The picture below will show you what happens when you try to MASSAGE A MONKEY !

Haha..at that time i felt a bit shocked but happy ! hehe..I don't how, but i know that I can trust these monkeys ! I trust that they won't bite me ! hehe..

Haha..so happy lorh I met them !

Last photos before I wanna go home ! Seems like they don't want me to leave..huhu..but the last picture you are about to see is the most awesome picture ever ! Seriously ! Hahaha..be prepare to witness the best animals picture ever ! JENG ! JENG ! JENG !

Monkey :
Bro ! Look there man....Hot girls are coming !
Me :
..............................oh yeah...hee..

So guys ! What are you waiting for ? Head down to Bukit Melawati in Kuala Selangor and experience something you'll never feel before ! I'm going back again ! I swear !  Really can't wait to see those dudes again ! XD

Credits to my beloved girlfriend a.k.a photographer : Faiqah Kernaini ! :)

Love animals..Love the world..Love yourself


Saiazuan said...

ko tu, dah macam human..haha

alley said...

Nice Pics!!!!! ;-)

Monkey Boy said...

wan : haha..btl2.. :p

Monkey Boy said...

alley : Thanks ! XD Hope u like it !

rosita said...

Ye la, the monkey looks like human!!! Er, ask the monkey, where did it get the white T-shirt and pants haa?

Monkey Boy said...

rosita : haiya..forgot to ask la..next time i go there I ask him okay.. :)

Honey of the Valley said...

hahahha...kLakar la this pOst..lOve it..gambar massage tu best la..n gmbr last tu mmg epic...thOse mOnkeys lOok so cute...i was aLways afraid Of mOnkeys u kNow coz mOnkeys in kuantan sgt garang...x pnah jumpa tame mOnkeys yg siap bLey lepak2 sama2 agi..hehehe...

Monkey Boy said...

honey of the valley : haha..thanks2 ! :) sy x taw la..tp ngan monyet nie mmg sy lost control..da rse diri sndir mcm monyet la kadang2..tue yg xtkt tue..haha..ape lg..start enjin keta..gerak la ke Bukit Melawati !

* HeeBum * said...

heeh.. u really do love monkey, monkey boy.. :D

Monkey Boy said...

HeeBum : haha..yup ! that's why i they called me Monkey ! :)

Honey of the Valley said...

ada byk photgrapher g amik gambar mOnyet x kat sana..? kLu kita nak amik gambar dia clOse-up dia larik x..?

Monkey Boy said...

Honey of the valley : wat mase nie rse mcm takde..so g la sane..g sane tak leh rmi2 utk snap gmbr..tkt diorg lari..g dlm kmpulan 3 orang OK kot..dun wrry..close la cmne pn..takde dye lari de.. :)