Thursday, 8 September 2011


 guys, like I said, I will upload the video that I've recorded while i was at Petaling Jaya HQ..

Here's are the videos..just remember to read "LATEST INFO REGARDING PETKNODE CASE !! HAVE WE BEEN CHEATED ??? " first before viewing this video so you can understand what you are viewing..and please..whatever you are about to view in this entry, please don't get any bad idea..I'm sure there must be a reason for all of this to happened.

For a better sound..PLEASE USE YOUR EARPHONE OR HEADPHONE..thank you... :)

They still won't let us in, maybe because they've been given the orders. If not, I'm sure they will let us in

Final meeting before heading home !

Fight for honor ! Fight for their rights ! Just pray to god what I did is right.. 

Love the animals..Love the world...Love yourself


Saiazuan said...

adoi.. pki berukband

Monkey Boy said...

maksud ko ? huhu

Honey of the Valley said...

i'll be praying sO hard fOr u guys tO fight for our animaLs right..hOpe u guys sntiasa kuatkan semangat..!!

Monkey Boy said...

thank you for your support honey of the valley ! we'll pray that justice will prevail and punish those two !