Friday, 9 November 2012

Hi guys ! Monkey Boy need some help here ! Can you help me ? Please...............................

All you got to do is just read this short comic below. Then please help me with the title of the story.

Please share some ideas and post it in the comment box below ! :)  It will be such a great help if you guys can help me with the title ! :)


Before we proceed with the short comic. Just a few question. Have you ever felt so angry with your pets cause they did things that really seems unforgiven ?  What did you do with your pets ? Beat them up ? Chase them away ? 

Well our friend here is in that situation, let us see what he'll do to his cat ! 

Didi ! What are you doing ?
Aww man ! My favourite teddy ! You "poo" on it !
You just wait ! I'm gonna....... ( censored )

When he saw his cat
Everything just goes back to normal ! No angry, just love !

So what do you guys think ? For me, relationship between human and animal are so fascinating. We might angry with them ( sometimes ) cause they did something really terrible. But in the end, everything will be just like normal day. We love them, feed them, care for them, play with them and so many more. We don't hold grudge against them. That's a beautiful relationship !

If you guys just like our friend above ? the you are a TRUE ANIMAL LOVER !

Love the animals...Love the world...Love yourself

Thursday, 8 November 2012

                                 A TRUE ANIMALS LOVER

While watching "Love Movie"
While watching " Action or Horror Movie"
While watching "Animal Movie"

So, are you true animal lover ?  LOL ~

Love the animals...Love the world...Love yourself
Hi guys ! :)

Its me ! Monkey Boy is back again with a new post ! All for the sake of the animals..So if you guys love animals..Please !!! Love

Monkey Boy !

I've been thinking lately, why my blog can't attract many people to read it..Probably because my writing sucks ( It is ), or probably I don't spread it around ( but i did ), or probably because people are not into animals story ( probably ) Anyway, I've came up with an idea ( a silly one ) i want to make my blog...


So I will not write much ( anymore ), but I will DRAW !!!!

I'm using a software called "paint" and I will draw it using a gadget called " mouse "

Hope you guys will love my new "BLOG TRANSFORMATION"

And will always support me !
                                                                                                                       Monkey Boy

Let's get down straight to business ! Here's today post ! Enjoy it.............


STEP 1 : Walk or run happily to your car
STEP 2 : Unlock your car ! Don't forget to smile !
STEP 3 : Start your engine !
STEP 4 : Don't forget your seat belts ! It will keep you safe !
STEP 5 : Shift your gear and drive Safely !
What the FISH ? Oh no ! I just ran over a cat !
My happy trip now has turn to bad !


Have we ever been in that situation above ? I did ( and I've learn my lesson the hardest way )

So what we suppose to do is...

STEP 1 : Walk or run happily to your car
STEP 2 : Unlock your car ! Don't forget to smile !
STEP 3 : Look under your car to see if there is any animals down there
STEP 4 : If there is an animal under you car. Do whatever you can ( politely ) to get it out from you car. If there is no animal under your car. Then you are good to go !
STEP 5 : Start your engine !
STEP 6 : Seat belts for your safety !

STEP 7 : Drive...and always be happy because we probably save a life today. We know it, and the animal know it to.

Love the animals...Love the world...Love yourself

Friday, 2 November 2012

What will our pets think about "Adoption"

Hi guys..It's been a while. How you guys been doing ? Sorry cause it took me SO LONG to write a new post.

First of all I'm so HAPPY cause i can see people nowadays are finally come to it sense that animals are LOVELY..CUTE and should be treated NICELY..


Today post is about "ADOPTION"  Yup ! "ADOPTION"

First of all, before you guys read my post. I want to make it clear that this post don't against all those adoption effort etc. I do support this adoption. It just occur to me,

What will our pets feels with the word "ADOPTION"

Adoption ? mmm...

It all began not long ago. At that time I was browsing through the net and I saw there are many post about adoption. People posted the pictures of their pets and wrote...

"This is Nini"
"She is so friendly"
"She love to play with me, I'm sure she'll be happy with you to"
"She love to eat fish and drink milk"


"Somebody want to adopt her? Cause my house is to small. I have three cats already"

That is usually the post I saw a lot in the net about adoption.

*Here I make it clear again. I'M NOT AGAINST ADOPTION. I just want to share my point of view*

Have you guys ever wonder why I BOLD the word ?

Love to play with me 
Love to eat fish and drink milk 

To make it more understandable, let us follow this conversation of this two cats.

Miko : Hey Nini, I saw your face on the net !

Nini : Huh ? Me ? About what ?
Miko : I don't know, it says something about adoption
Nini : You mean ADOPTION ? THE ADOPTION ? somebody gonna take me away ?

Miko : I guess.......

Nini : But..but why ? I thought she ( owner ) loves me !
Miko : I don't know Nini. I feel kinda sad too. Maybe she wants you to live in a better place with a better person
Nini : But I love it here, I mean like she gave me food, drink, shelter, play with me. She even give me a name !
Miko : I know...I understand your feelings. But, there's nothing I could do Nini

Nini : I don't want to be adopt. I want to stay here. I love her so much ! I love it here ! Pleasa..please god let me stay here. Please. I don't want to leave. God please tell her I love her so much. Don't leave me with a stranger. Please Miko ! HELP ME !
Miko : Nini...please..don't say that..please..
Nini : God, please ! Why me ? Why you want to take all the happiness I have ? I love her so much ! I love my friends here ! I want to stay here. No matter what happen or how hard things will be. I just want to be by her side !

Miko : Nini, somebody is coming. Who is he ?
Nini : God..god..please no..please..
What Nini fear the most is finally come to reality. That guy is her new owner. He take Nini, put her safely in a cage. Inside the cage. Nini take a last look at the person she love the most in her life. Her former owner and say....

Nini : If you can hear me, I just wanna say I'm sorry. I can't fill you life with happiness. I probably did things that make you mad..angry..sad..But i just wanted you to know. No matter how hard it is, no matter how struggle it is, I just want to be by your side till the end of my life. I maybe can't protect you from danger, but i can keep you calm when you are afraid and alone. I may not be able to talk to you, but I understand every words you spoke to me. Thank you for all the love you gave to me. You may forget me someday, but I will not. Just wanted you to know, this is not the end that i wanted. I don't want to leave. I want to stay. I want to feel you love. Play with you. But I guess it's time for me to leave.Till we meet again dear..Till we meet again Miko....I'll be missing you...Take care of her for me..please...
Miko : Nini............
Nini is finally taken away from the house to somewhere we don't know. We don't know what might happen to her. Will the new owner treat her well or not ? Will she be safe with them just like she was with us ? We don't know . But i do know one thing for sure

NINI WILL NEVER COMING BACK...................

So guys, there you go. This is one of my thoughts about adoption.

Sometimes it make me so sad that I almost cry when I looked at all the pictures of cats and dogs that are ready to be adopt.  It's like they know we put them for adoption. If you don't believe me. Look into the eyes of all the pictures of cats and dogs that area ready for adoption. Inside their eyes...


Give yourself sometimes and think about it..

Love the animals..Love the world..Love yourself...