Monday, 19 September 2011

Monkey Majik

Hi guys..Morning !! :)  Oh ya..again another thank you for those who give me some of your time reading my blog.. :)

Today's entry is a bit different from the other because today its ANIMALS'S MUSIC time ! Yup, you heard me.. :)

I said before that my blog is about animals only right ? So today I'm going to introduce to you..


Haha..don't get me wrong, even the band called Monkey Majik, but they are humans not monkey. I just wanna share with you guys why I love this band. First of all, i think the only reason is because the name MONKEY itself. I don't know but when it comes to monkey, i will become excited for no reasons. That's me I guess.. :)

This band is totally rock dude ! Trust me ! :) Here is some info about em'  !

Monkey Majik  is a Japanese pop-rock band formed in 2000, consisting of two Canadian brothers (Maynard and Blaise Plant) and two Japanese members (Tax and Dick).

Maynard moved to Japan in 1997 to teach English after graduating from Queen's University . He was able to learn Japanese while working as an Assistant Language Teacher. Blaise moved to Japan in 2001 to continue the band, and spending some time as a solo-artist. His Japanese came quickly as a result of memorizing Japanese songs. The band started off as a hobby but quickly turned serious when in 2001 they released their first EP called TIRED, a self-financed release limited to 1,000 copies. In 2002, they signed with the record label UNDER HORSE RECORDS. In 2003 the band released the first full-length album "SPADE.

In 2007 Monkey Majik released their fourth full-length album "Sora wa maru de", where the titled song "Sora wa maru de" became the first song in Japanese History to reach number 1 on USEN Request Chart before being released. Since "Tired" the band has sold out every venue across Japan, and is often seen signing autographs after the shows.

Their 2008 album "TIME" opened its first week at number 2 on the Oricon Chart.
In 2010, their songs "Fast Forward" and "Sunshine" were used as the first and second (respectively) opening themes for the anime.

Here are the list of their songs..Seriously guys ! Listen to it !

Aishiteru ( Really Must Hear)
All By Myself
All My Life ( Must Hear )
Around the World ( Must Hear )
Car Crash
Change (Must Hear )
Don't You Cry
Endless Summer
Falling ( Must Hear )
Fast Foward
Fly ( Really Must Hear )
I Like Pop
I Miss You
Kagayaku Yoru
Let's Get Along
Livin in the Sun
Long Shot Penny ( Must Hear )
Maybe ( Must Hear )
Mr Postman
No Snow In December ( Must Hear )
One Moment
Open Happiness ( Really Must Hear )
Perfect Picture ( Really Must Hear )
Pretty People
Robot inc
Sakura ( Really Must Hear )
Sorawa Maru De
Tada, Arigatou ( Really Must Hear )
Thank You
Together ( Must Hear )
Watching You
Wish I

That's all ! :) So guys..what are you waiting for ? Go to Youtube or 4shared and download it all..seriously ! It's really worth it ! TRUST ME ! Support the band who use animals name ! :)

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