Saturday, 3 September 2011


Hi guys ! Monkey boy again ! This time its urgent ! You guys gotta help me man !

Yesterday i went to one of my friend's house to celebrate Hari Raya, suddenly I saw a DOG..yeah

D.O.G = DOG !

In front of her house and that dog was tied to a tree! i was like..O.M.G ! what a dog doing in front of my friend's house ? She's a Malay ! I went inside and asked her
"What a dog doing in front of your house ?"
She said that the dog probably lost..and maybe looking for her owner..
"Why you tied that dog to a tree?"
She replied she did that so that the dog won't wander around and probably get hit by a car...
"You gave the dog food and drinks ?"
Yup !
"Does she have a name?"
Lost...her name was Lost !

Later, after I managed to smuggled a few hot dog from my friend's house, i went to see that dog. I gave her the hot dog and she ate it. Later I gave the dog a pale of water and she drank it..

I also managed to snap a few picture of that dog...

So guys ! Please..Help me ! anybody who want to adopt her..please inform me ! Im not sure whether Lost is still there or no. I already called SPCA Seremban but there were no answer, I leave my phone number and name to thier mailbox but still no answer till today. Maybe because today is public holiday so i don't mind about that. But "TIME IS RUNNING OUT" for Lost ! 

Please guys, anybody near "SEREMBAN OR ANYWHERE ELSE" who got some temporary shelter for Lost or wanna adopt her. Inform me..I'm doing this for the sake of that dog !

Love the animals..Love the world..Love yourself..

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