Thursday, 29 September 2011

Filling up the world with monkeys !

Hi guys.. Monkey boy here ! :)  Since I don't have anything to write about, so I don't write..haha..

Instead ! Here are some pictures for you guys ! Monkeys................. !! Make some noise ! :)

Show the world who we funny we adorable we trouble we are !

                         No wonder why people said we're twin..ha, ha..

                      Ooooo... ( the baby monkey seems so excited )

               Monkey : Yeah ! It's true..that thing was this big you know !

 Dude..I'm in heaven....

If human can't stop animal abuse, then I will !

Kera dapat bunga ( nielah rupa dia )

Making ice - kepal

I love you

I'm the greatest paparazi ! cute..

Haha..mane la nk bwk kucing tue ?

See..animals are one pure happiness and love, we can fake a laugh when we look at human's act but there is no fake laugh when we looking at them ( animals ). All the things that they did are totally honest and pure. Do you guys really wanna destroy god most beautiful creation ? Once again. Im begging on my knee, please..please..


Love the animals..Love the world..Love yourself


.:rizaL:. said...

support paan!

Monkey Boy said...

rizal : haha..thanks ! :)

Honey of the Valley said...

ahaahahahaaaa...cuter giLerrr...!! suka suka...ttiba jadi suka pLak kat mOnkeys...kekekke...gmbr kera dapat bunga tu sgt la sesuatu..kera tu cam tgh diLamunn cinta..!! kekekek...geram nak cubit2...
gmbr mOnkey wat ais kepaL cam dia pakai jaket jek..ahaaa...cOmeL..!
yg berpeLukan dgn burung merpati sgt BFF pLak..hehehe..muka habis manja da..
paLing cOmeL yg duduk atas ranting tu...waargghh..! geramnyerrrr...!! cam anak patung..!!heeeeeee..!~~ buLus buLus..!! (giLa jap..!)

Monkey Boy said...

Honey of the valley : haha..sbb tue la sy suke monyet ! diowg mmg all rounder..sume boleh..buat orang epy..buat orang mrah..sume boleh ! hehe.. :) mmg diowg nie sume comel2 ! beselah..monkey la katekn.. :p