Thursday, 8 September 2011

Time to SMILE for a while after all those hard days ! ( for all volunteers and animals lover )

Hi guys, It's me..first of all..I would like to apologize to all animals lovers out there if my links are disturbing you guys, I know sometimes i posted a lot of links to your wall untill it seems a bit annoying. But, right now I'm in a state of what you called "culture-shock"...huu..So, bear with me will you ? Please... :')  Sorry....

Oh ya, about that Petknode's case..I know you guys been through a lot..It's totally a hard days, and its still not over yet..but, for now, while you are waiting for another call, why not sit down and enjoy a few pics i've gathered.. :)  for all volunteers and animals lover ! THIS IS FOR YOU GUYS ! LOVE YOU !

                                       squirrel : What the H.......  :)

                    Can someone explain to me what he's trying to do ?

                                   Aw....he's adorable..Pika...Pika..
                                                 Cat RULES !

                              name is Sammy ! :)
                       We've heard Puss in a Boots..but this one ? errr..

                                         Jimmy's RIP ( Rest in Perut )

                                          Poor dog, he's hungry...

                                      To infinity and Off the boat !

                                      That's why I hate sickness !


                                Cow in brown : What's wrong dude ?
                                Cow in black and white : Shut up !

                                  Arghh..I hate it when my curiosity kills me !

                               That's why he's so hard to find..mmm..

                            Sometimes, things are not as we expected !

Well guys..Im sure there are a lot of funny animals pic out there ! Go and find it and share it with me okay ? :)
TO ALL VOLUNTEERS AND ANIMALS LOVER ! I Monkey Boy wish you guys good luck in whatever we do and remember, we are together, as a friend and also as a family... :')

Love the animals..Love the world..Love yourself


Saiazuan said...

mana paan? hehe

Monkey Boy said...

aku ngah taip blog..jd aku takde..haha

Emma said...

Good one MB, def cheered me up!

Monkey Boy said...

Emma : thanks..i just feel so sad thinking bout all those cats in Petknode boarding house..sometimes we need to cheer up right ? :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comical photos, a real cheer up after a hard day's work.

Monkey Boy said...

your welcome ! You guys deserve to be cheer up ! :) Thank you for you time reading my blog ! :)

Honey of the Valley said...

OMG dat zebra..kekekek..dat's so hilarious..hahaha..!
and dat pikachu cat is sOo cute..awww..

Monkey Boy said...

honey of the valley : yup..Im a bit suprise to ! What are they doing actually?haha..yup ! dat pikachu its totally comel !!!!!!!