Monday, 10 February 2014

Will always be by your side..........

Hi..It's me again..Monkey Boy..Thanks for stopping by and spend a little bit of your time reading my blog..

I've been thinking about this for a while and I finally found a way to express it..Through this short comic. Hope you guys will find some good values in it..

Comic number 1 will tell us what happen to a dog/animal when they did something bad/wrong eventhough they didn't mean it..

                                                                          COMIC 1

A dog was playing happily
Suddenly they broke our favourite things
We got so mad because of it
 and finally this is the end for that dog...

Comic number 2 will show us what will happen to us HUMAN when we did something wrong/bad

                                                                          COMIC 2

When we having a really bad day !
our pet want to greet us
We hit our pet just release the anger

They will always be with us no matter what happen...

Thank you......................

Friday, 9 November 2012

Hi guys ! Monkey Boy need some help here ! Can you help me ? Please...............................

All you got to do is just read this short comic below. Then please help me with the title of the story.

Please share some ideas and post it in the comment box below ! :)  It will be such a great help if you guys can help me with the title ! :)


Before we proceed with the short comic. Just a few question. Have you ever felt so angry with your pets cause they did things that really seems unforgiven ?  What did you do with your pets ? Beat them up ? Chase them away ? 

Well our friend here is in that situation, let us see what he'll do to his cat ! 

Didi ! What are you doing ?
Aww man ! My favourite teddy ! You "poo" on it !
You just wait ! I'm gonna....... ( censored )

When he saw his cat
Everything just goes back to normal ! No angry, just love !

So what do you guys think ? For me, relationship between human and animal are so fascinating. We might angry with them ( sometimes ) cause they did something really terrible. But in the end, everything will be just like normal day. We love them, feed them, care for them, play with them and so many more. We don't hold grudge against them. That's a beautiful relationship !

If you guys just like our friend above ? the you are a TRUE ANIMAL LOVER !

Love the animals...Love the world...Love yourself