Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Pan Kun ( Smartest Monkey Ever )

Guys !! Hello...Oh ya...You know me right ? Monkey Boy, so today I will introduce you guys to my friend..


Yup, everybody give it up for Pan Kun and James..know who they are ? No ? Yes ? If no, then you are missing one of God's most intelligent creation. All I know that Pan Kun is the smartest monkey ever live and he's staying in Japan. He got a friend name James, a bull dog type dog. Together they did many impossible things even for us human !

I've been following their story for almost 3 to 4 years, and i watched how their story ends. I'm telling you, the ending........ :'(  so sad but meaningful even for us human. Please spare some of your free time and watch their videos. You won't regret it ! I can guarantee you that !

Here are some of the videos about Pan Kun and James. If you wanna see more, just go to YOUTUBE and key in Pan Kun ! :)  ENJOY !

Goodbye Grandma ( 2 episode )
 Pan Kun starring "The Ring"

                                      Pan Kun working as Fire Fighter

Once again, seriously better go and watch it ! It's really worth it ! :)

Love the animals..Love the world..Love yourself..


Honey of the Valley said...

awwww....cOmeLnyerrrr....cerdik budak nie...kesian dia masa anjing tu wat jatuh makanan...huhuhu...kLu kita manusia mesti da marah2 kLu kwn kita jatuhkan makanan tu...tpi dia rilek jek...tp muka sedey...sy turut bersedih hati...huhuhu...bergenang air mata i...hehehe

Monkey Boy said...

honey of the valley : taw xpe..klau kte manusia da sepak2 da anjing tue..lg satu tgk effort dye nk kejar nenek tue..siyes mmg sdh..oh ya..cari Pan Kun final episode..lg tacing.. :) cuba cari..

Saiazuan said...

ko pki kostume mcm mana pun, aku tau itu ko paan.. xyah la nak tuka nama.. ko la pan kun!!!

Monkey Boy said...

wan : adeh..taw je ko kn..adeh ~ huhu