Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Look at this pictures and tell me what you think ?

                        Look into his eyes, and tell me what you feel ?

                    Photo of a dogs before they were killed for their meat

                 Waiting for someone ? or that "someone" left her alone

                       She's giving up, she's totally give up with her life

So guys ? Tell me what you feel when you look at all this pictures ? Can you see that they have feelings ? Animals do have feelings..Seriously..I'm begging all of you guys,  please STOP ANIMAL ABUSE..please..

Love the animals..Love the world..Love yourself..


Honey of the Valley said...

kesian sangat2..... ='(
kesian semua anjing duduk dLam sangkar himpit2 cam tin sardin cenggitu... ciannn... T_T

aimida_fadz said...

love those pics~yeah avoid animal abuse.they have feeling just like us. the eyes told us everything.

Monkey Boy said...

honey of the valley : mmm..da la kna mcm tue..pstu kena bunuh..kna makan..lg kejam klau kena siat kulit idup2... :(

Monkey Boy said...

aimida : yup..stuju gler ! FYI..kucing tue mmg kami penah bela dlu..name dye bino..tue mmg hasil tgn sy snap ! hee.. :D (tba2 nk promote diri)

Honey of the Valley said...

haah la..binO awak sama dgn snOwy saya..snOwy sy lOceng kaLer purpLe collar kaLer pink biru..auwww..hehehe...kawan saya ada kucing nama binO..tp bukan kaLer putih..kaler kuning striking2..bg nama binO sbb kaler dia kuning cair...mcm org penyakit aLbinO kata mak kawan sy nie...tu yg panggiL binO...kekekeke.. =p

Monkey Boy said...

honey of the valley : haha..snowy ngan bino kembar ! hehe..oh yekew ? adeh..harap2 la sy bg name bino..si bino nie xkna pnyakit albino btl2..hehe.. :p