Monday, 5 September 2011

Be the FIRST to know. It's TRUE ! "Wonder Woman" DOES EXIST !!!

Hi guys, Monkey Boy here ! Today's entry is about....



Seriously guys ! Wonder Woman does exist ! I saw her with my own two eyes !  Follow the rest of my story and be the first to know that "Wonder Woman" does exist !

Date  : 4 September 2011
Place : Highway road

I was driving from my house around 4 p.m, and my destination is Kuala Lumpur.  Traffic was totally bad cause everybody is coming back from their lovely "Kampung" or hometown. While stuck in the traffic, i saw something that makes my heart stop beating. Guess what? I saw in the middle of the traffic, a mummy cat with her kitten trying to cross the road. God.....this is bad...seriously this is bad..The mother and her kitten tried to cross the road but they were scared because of the honk and the sound of the engines. Then, traffic began to move again when.....

Suddenly !

Mummy cat ran as fast as she could ! My heart beats faster watching that cat ran in a middle of a busy traffic. God ! I said to myself and i started to whisper GO ! GO ! GO ! and FUHHH....she made it..but..where is her kitten ? I looked back to the other side of the road and i saw the kitten was still there. He was to afraid to cross the road and plus the cars are moving. The mummy cat looked back to her kitten helplessly because she was to scared to run back to her kitten.

Suddenly !

the kitten started to ran to his mother, and at this time i could not see anything, all i saw is a car moving towards the kitten. Oh god, no ! I thought the kitten was a goner, when suddenly i saw the kitten ran back to the same spot again. Fuh..such a relieve but the danger is still there, the kitten still could not make it to the other side. Traffic began to stop again, and i saw the kitten hid under a car.

Suddenly !

here she comes, the "Wonder Woman" i was talking about came from out of nowhere. I saw her ducked under the car where the kitten was, and a minute later she was holding the kitten in her hand. Ignoring the busy traffic she took the kitten straight to his mother on the other side. I was stunted and amazed with what i saw. I admired her bravery and courage. She risked her life to save a kitten ! Can you believe that ?

The story doesn't end here, after that bravery thing she did. She went back to her car. I thought people would felt happy and amazed, but.....almost every car honk at her and someone shouted

" IDIOT ! "

What is WRONG with you people ? Are you to blind to see what she was doing is good ? She don't deserve that kind of apprciation. I wish all those people who honk and shouted at her got bad luck so they will learn their lesson !

Just remember this..


Think about it guys..

Love the animals..Love the world.. Love yourself..


Honey of the Valley said...

she truLy is a wOnder wOman.. saLute..!! i can imagine if i were in ur shOes dat time..kOmpem mcm nk tercabut jantung kan..kesian thOse poor cats..what were thOse pOor cats dOing in the highway anyway kan..? sesat ke..? ataupOn kene buang tepi hway..ya Allah kLu diOrg sbnrnya kene dumped,mmg kesian sgt...semOga Owner asaL dia diberi petunjuk..

Monkey Boy said...

yup ! Absolutely !she is a wonder woman ! memang sy mase tue tottaly berdebar ! huhu..but luckily she's okay..that cats also okay ! huhu..entah la..if sape2 yg buang kucing tue..harap kna la balasan..and yg duk maki hamun gurl tue pn kna la balsan !