Tuesday, 17 July 2012

W.T.Fish ~ Fooled by a crippled cat ?

Hello guys..It's me again ! Who me ? Err..don't know me aa ? Err..It's okay ~ haha

Well..it's been a while since my last post..well today I got something that I wanna share with you guys !

Believe it or not...But...............

I've been fooled by a crippled cat !!!

A cripple cat
and a fool who thinks his face look like C. Ronaldo

Once upon a time, this fool guy driving his car..Suddenly he saw something...........
Yes ! Take a GOOD LOOK at em !
What happened to him ? I must go and check it out said the fool guy..When he arrived near the cat ( OH MY ENGLISH ) He stopped his car and ducked under to see what happen to the cat...
He saw this cat's behind legs ( OH MY ENGLISH ) broken ! Then, this fool guys who thinks his face looks like C. Ronaldo

Look alike a little bit

Stretched his arms trying to save the cripple cat. He's thinking about taking this cripple cat..

Oh yeah ~ This cripple cat 

To the nearest vet to save him. But sadly no vet open on Sunday ~ so he decided to take this poor cat home. The next day, while this fool guy get ready to take the cripple cat to the vet. His mother came home and said..

MOM : Where are you going ?
Fool Guy : I'm taking this cat to the vet
MOM : I think it's not necessary dear
Fool Guy : But he needs a treatment mom !
MOM : I know, but I've just met with its owner
Fool Guy : and ?
MOM : That cat is already like that a long time ago. Not because it get ran over by a car or what

Fool Guy : ...so yesterday when I saved him ? 
MOM : oh ya..he want to go out and take a S**T. Suddenly you came a picked him up thinking he was injured or something. You got his owner worried to death because their cripple cat did not came back last night
Fool Guy : So he was fine after all. Am I been fooled ?
MOM : You can say that. Now go, send him back to his owner.
Fool Guy : S**T, I've been fooled by a cripple cat !
WITH ANGER PLUS SHAMENESS ( OH MY ENGLISH ) The fool boy looked a the cripple cat..

HaHa..Aww man..sometimes when we thinking about doing the right thing..we actually not doing the right thing. That cat is now safe and sound with his owner. Sometimes I smiled thinking bout this. How wonderful this animals are. Well guys..hope you like it..leave a comment if u can.. :)

Love the animals..Love the world..Love yourself...