Monday, 31 October 2011

Please feed them

Hi guys ! :)  It's me ! I'm back ! haha...Guess its not to late to wish Happy Deepavali for those who celebrate it !

Oh's entry is about stray cats ! :)

Have you ever experience when you were eating and suddenly there's a stray cats come at you and sitting next to your chair..staring at you...and you look at em'. Im pretty sure everybody do have this kind of exp..When you are in that kind of situation, what did you do?

1. Continue eating, finish, pay, go home.
2. Chase them away..shuh !
3. Give him a little pat and continue eating
4. Stop your eating
5. Give them some food

Please put your answer in the comment... :)  We'll see how much many human will truly share their happiness with this poor animals !  :)

Give me some food please
Love the animals..Love the world..Love yourself..

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

That's why i adore monkey

Hi guys ! :) How are you ? miss my entry ? ( haha..I'm sure no one will ) 

Today's enty is about a monkey ! Yup ! A monkey ! Picture will describe a thousand words right ? So describe this one ! :)

Two blind persons wanted to drink water at the RagiGudda temple, Bangalore.
When they were unable to operate the tap, this mother monkey opened the tap for them, allowed them to drink water, drank some water herself and then closed the tap before leaving the scene
PS: Do share this pic with your friends. It is proof that humanity does exist - even if we humans have forgotten it ourselves...!!!  
* Taken from the original quote 

So human ?  

Love the animals..Love the world..Love yourself

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hi guys ! :)  Remember Pan Kun and James ? The smartest monkey ever ? No ? Huhu..if no, then maybe you should take a look about that later after reading this entry ! :)

If you guys still remember Pan Kun, it's time for another animal's celebrity !!


Hahaha, i don't wanna talk much about that, just take a look and this video and you'll know who is MARU..




 That's Maru ! :)  and thanks to my girlfriend for introducing me to Maru ! :)

Love the animals..Love the world..Love yourself... :

Friday, 7 October 2011

Kucing Terbiar & Anjing Jalanan Fund Raising Jumble Sale

Hi guys ! Can't stop myself from writing again la... :)  Guess I'm gonna do both, writing and action ! :)

Okay !! Today's entry is about !


Yup ! You heard me, a fund raising jumble sale will be held this weekend Saturday and Sunday !

                         What ! This coming SATURDAY AND SUNDAY ?

Yup ! This coming Saturday and Sunday, and it will be held in TWO different places ! below are the details about the Jumble Sale ! :)

CLICK on the image for a larger view
VENUE  : Rumah Api, Jalan Merdeka, Kg Baru Ampang, Pekan Ampang
DATE    : 8 & 9 October 2011
TIME     : 10 am - 8 pm
HINT     : Near Ampang LRT ( ENTRY ARE FREE )

CLICK on the map for a larger view

Here's the other venue !

CLICK on the image for a larger view
VENUE  : Centre Park One Utama
DATE    : 8 & 9 October 2011
TIME     : 10 am - 6 pm
ENTRY ARE FREE ! and you can bring along your PET !

Some of the items for sale !
Car Sticker ( Click image for a larger view )

KTAJ T-Shirt RM 30 ( Click image for larger view )
KTAJ Button ( Click for a larger view )

For more info ( but you must like Kucing Terbiar & Anjing Jalanan first )

So guys, I'm going ! What about you ? Come on ! Let's shop and donate at the same time ! :) God will repay us thousand times ( InsyaAllah ). Someday I hope I will have my own booth there called I love animals booth ! :) Oh..I really wish this will come true.. :)

And I also hope that someday, I'll be able to make my own jumble sale to help all the animal in the world..I will name my Jumble sale with.......

Love the animals..Love the world..Love yourself..

Monday, 3 October 2011

Find both of them and "PLEASE KILLTHEM"

Guys, today's entry..simple..take a look at this picture..and please recognize them perfectly..Find them, kill them!

Who am I to take away people's life ? I know ! I'm not God ! But who are they to take that poor puppy's life?

This is my swear ! I swear if I meet them, they'll be dead ! Please pray to God don't make me meet them..please..for those who are reading this entry..You guys think I'm crazy ? Think I'm taking this "SAVING ANIMALS" too seriously ? Damn right I am. I do take it seriously ! If you think I'm right ? You are most welcome to be part of this family..If you think I'm wrong, then you can leave this page.

God, I'm begging on my knees. I'm praying, begging..

If my life is worth for thousand of animals who's in pain, then exchange my life for their safety.

Even if my life is only worth for one animal who's in pain, even one..please..take my life and exchange for it..

If God answered my pray, I want you guys to remember this words

Love the animals..Love the world..Love yourself..