Monday, 31 October 2011

Please feed them

Hi guys ! :)  It's me ! I'm back ! haha...Guess its not to late to wish Happy Deepavali for those who celebrate it !

Oh's entry is about stray cats ! :)

Have you ever experience when you were eating and suddenly there's a stray cats come at you and sitting next to your chair..staring at you...and you look at em'. Im pretty sure everybody do have this kind of exp..When you are in that kind of situation, what did you do?

1. Continue eating, finish, pay, go home.
2. Chase them away..shuh !
3. Give him a little pat and continue eating
4. Stop your eating
5. Give them some food

Please put your answer in the comment... :)  We'll see how much many human will truly share their happiness with this poor animals !  :)

Give me some food please
Love the animals..Love the world..Love yourself..


erieqa erine said...

Honestly it's depends on what i'm eating....if i ate chicken or anything that cat can eat, definitely i'll gave them some of it..sharing is caring... n i don't give any foods that can harm them such as choc coz it can cause them to death.. but FYI i always have cats biscuits in my handbag. :)

Monkey Boy said...

erieqa : thats great ! :) same here ! i won't give them fish bone cause terlalu bahaya for me..ble diowg tercekik..adeh ~ about dat cats biscuits..that's truly rare ! :) I might wanna do the same thing someday ! are truly an animals lover ! :)

miss papermate said...

well, it depends, if what i'm eating is spicy food, i'm not gonna give them the food. but sometimes, i do buy anything that they can eat. if the food is harmless to them, i'll definitely gonna give them some of my food. because i do understand what they feel. i have a lot of cats at, i feel guilty if i cant feed the stray cats that come to me while i'm eating. ^^

Anonymous said...

The answer is 5 even some cats didn't eat it.... they r quite demanding sometimes.. but still adorable... =)

aimida_fadz said...

emm depends on what i'm eating dat time.. kdg2 klo bnd 2 dorg xbley mkn i pretend mcm xnmpk dorg tp dlm hati kesian~huhu awesome laa erieqa!! xpnh tpikir pon smpai nk bwk cats biscuits dlm beg :))

ZafirahZz said...

Give them some food.. Well, fried rice are the usual menu, so there's always have some chopped chicken or beef.. so i'll give them that, or anything that they can eat.. if i dont have anything to give, i just give them a lil pat and say sorry.. :(

Monkey Boy said...

miss papermate :yup ! same here with me ! even if that time i was eating mee goreng..i will give em that ade la ayam skit2..haha.. :) my gf also ade prangai yg same..klau bleh..dgn nasi2 nk bg..haha..tahniah ! u mmg truly an animals lover ! :) be proud okay ! :D

Monkey Boy said...

Anonymous :'s true..sometimes they are quite demanding..sometimes they even jump on our lap to ask for food..anyway..they still adorable.. :) you are truly an animals lover ! :)

Monkey Boy said...

aimida : haha...haa..cian kucing tue..tacing diowg sbb takde sape nk bg makan..hehe.. :p anyway..u r also truly an animals lover ! :) proude ! MARU !!!

Monkey Boy said...

zafirah : aww..soo sweet ~ :) ala..dun wrry..diowg dpt aym skit2 tue pn da syukur gler ! :) yeah !! rmi animals lover !

Encik Azrin Yang Garang said...

Kalau makan sorang2, makan sampai habis. Sendawa kuat2 bayar dan g kat kereta amik makanan kucing yang dah siap bungkus2.kasik kucing tu makan. Orang sekeliling akan pandang dgn pandangan serong tapi pedulikan aja. Makanan manusia yang goreng2 mungkin amat tidak sesuai dengan kucing.

Kalau makan ngn kawan, berenti jap makan g kat kereta dan apply the same routine.

Feeding the hungry cats is a good act but feeding the right food which keeps them alive is a noble act.

Monkey Boy said...

Encik Azrin Yang Garang : Saya salute awk..mmg ape yg dilakukan terbaik..probably 1 in a 1000 org yg akan buat bnd mcm nie..bkn nk memuji, tp itu facts..nowadays mmg ssh nk cari owg yg concern psl stray cats nie..lbh2 lg klau anjing..lglah..oh ya..psl feeding the hungry cats with proper food tu..psnie mmg sy akan usahakn kot..sbb kadang2 sy bg je ape yg sy yg mereka boleh mkan jugak la..hope diorg xapa2 sblm2 nie..huhu..I've found another truly animals lover ! It's you ! :)
thanks !