Thursday, 8 November 2012

Hi guys ! :)

Its me ! Monkey Boy is back again with a new post ! All for the sake of the animals..So if you guys love animals..Please !!! Love

Monkey Boy !

I've been thinking lately, why my blog can't attract many people to read it..Probably because my writing sucks ( It is ), or probably I don't spread it around ( but i did ), or probably because people are not into animals story ( probably ) Anyway, I've came up with an idea ( a silly one ) i want to make my blog...


So I will not write much ( anymore ), but I will DRAW !!!!

I'm using a software called "paint" and I will draw it using a gadget called " mouse "

Hope you guys will love my new "BLOG TRANSFORMATION"

And will always support me !
                                                                                                                       Monkey Boy

Let's get down straight to business ! Here's today post ! Enjoy it.............


STEP 1 : Walk or run happily to your car
STEP 2 : Unlock your car ! Don't forget to smile !
STEP 3 : Start your engine !
STEP 4 : Don't forget your seat belts ! It will keep you safe !
STEP 5 : Shift your gear and drive Safely !
What the FISH ? Oh no ! I just ran over a cat !
My happy trip now has turn to bad !


Have we ever been in that situation above ? I did ( and I've learn my lesson the hardest way )

So what we suppose to do is...

STEP 1 : Walk or run happily to your car
STEP 2 : Unlock your car ! Don't forget to smile !
STEP 3 : Look under your car to see if there is any animals down there
STEP 4 : If there is an animal under you car. Do whatever you can ( politely ) to get it out from you car. If there is no animal under your car. Then you are good to go !
STEP 5 : Start your engine !
STEP 6 : Seat belts for your safety !

STEP 7 : Drive...and always be happy because we probably save a life today. We know it, and the animal know it to.

Love the animals...Love the world...Love yourself


meowwmania said...

love ur short comic

keep it up!! ;)

Monkey Boy said...

thanks ! :) i da follow blog u ! Hope we can share a lot of things ! :) thanks !

grOundnUt said...

Kacang datang sini...:)

Monkey Boy said...

Welkam kacang ! :)

kak long said...

i did the same things b4 entering d car - for the past 1o years.hehehehe

Monkey Boy said...

kak long : haha..gud2..keep it up ! make sure ur friends also will do the same thing kay :)