Friday, 2 September 2011

Let him DIE !

Hi..sorry its been a while since i wrote a new entry..
(even if i write everyday, are there people who wanna read it ?) hehehe... :)

Today's entry is about a "CRUEL OLD AUNTIE" grrr.... X(  
If you read my entry " If i were a millionaire ", you will see a good auntie, but this one is about


Okay..why i said that auntie is CRUEL ?  this is why..

Once upon a time, i wake up and go straight to my backyard. I opened my door, and i saw a cage..Yup..a rat's cage ! and.......there is a rat inside that cage..suddenly an old auntie came out from her backdoor..i quickly asked her..

Me :
Auntie2..your rat ah ?

No lah, this rat gives me headache ! Always running around my house ! I don't know why my house got so many rats. I thought when i caught one the other day, the rats are gone. Maybe this one is his mother or father.

Me :
Oh, then take this cage and let that rat go somewhere else la. Why you still keep him here ?

Let him go ? will keep him here and let him die ! Let him die because of starving and let the sun heat him till he dried ! This rat really annoyed me !

Me :

Then CRUEL OLD AUNTIE go back inside house and closed the door..without any hesitation, i took that cage and let that rat go. Then i did something worse to that cage..I smashed it with a hammer and tear it apart with an iron cutter..haha..Crazy right ? I thought if i do this then there will be no rats who will suffer again..


Im not writing this entry to show that i am crazy or an ANIMALS

What im trying to say here is..why..why that CRUEL OLD AUNTIE can be sooooo cruel ? Leaving that poor rat alone to die because of starvation. She as and aged women who has a son or a daughter should at least have some feelings. It doesn't matter towards human or animals. She should show some manners and good things so that her kids can follow. But what she did was totally wrong ! Animals do have feelings and heart even its a rat !

So i did what i have to and what i think is right. I don't feel any shame and i won't apologize !

Here some conclusion i make

Rats ( people think as dirty animals )
Rats live in sewer ( dirty places )
Rats live in CRUEL OLD AUNTIE house
CRUEL OLD AUNTIE house = Dirty places

So CRUEL OLD AUNTIE, your house is dirty la..go and clean it up sure there will be no rats living in your house again..

Guys..think again... :)

Love the animals...Love the world..Love yourself..


Saiazuan said...

huhu ko prnah crita psl ni.. :D

Monkey Boy said...

oh..yekew ? lupe lak..haha

Syamimi Razali said...

ape nak jadi lahh manusia zaman skang.

Monkey Boy said...

taw tape..mmm..heran2... :(

MangkOk cHenTa ♂ said...

ee..jahatnye makcik ni!!!!

tapi ade lagi jahat yg i pernah dengar...old chinese auntie bunuh kucing makcik i yang tengah pregnant tunggu hari nak beranak dengan siram air panas kat kucing tu, menggelupur sampai mati....sangat kejam.. =(

AnimeJaz said...

Sorry, but Rats do carry RABIES. It is bad for domestic animals like your precious dogs or cats. Letting the rat go means creating more rats in the area as you know they would give birth to more than 10 pups per gestation. A single rats can lay pup up to several times per year. its bad. :(

Monkey Boy said...

huh ? siyesly ? pergh..klau sy jmp makcik tue mmg tak sy lempar blik air panas tue kat muke dia da ckup baik..truk la manusia skang ! tak pk ! moga2 mkcik tue kna smbah asid

Monkey Boy said...

yup..its true..i agree with sorry..rabies or no rabies..i still think that the rats deserve to live untill god decided when he should die..i might be stubborn..but thanks and i keep that in mind..i will keep my house clean so there will be no rats.. :) when there is no rats..all my 29 cats will save.. :D

KuliSaja said...

hahahaha! i like ur conclusion! thumbs up! :D

Monkey Boy said...

KuliSaja : haha..thanx !! but its true right ? :D

KuliSaja said...

lol yea. only dirty place got tikus. u r her neighbour, how can ur house dont have one while she has? thats truly true. her house are dirty so that y de tikus suke lepaking there :D

Honey of the Valley said...

wOw..u have 29 cats..?! i saLute..! =) nOoruL..nice tO meet u..i just fOllowed ur bLog..nice bLog u have.. =)

Monkey Boy said...

noorul : yup..29 cats..but most of em already old la.. :) thanks for following my blog..thanks ! nice to meet u too

Honey of the Valley said...

ur weLcome..oh btw,i have 10 cats at my hOuse..hehee..i cant beLieve u really have 29 cats..i've never seen one with my own eyes u knOw..thOse cats mesti sgt happy living with yOu..God bLess u for giving them fOod,taking care of them and giving them a pLace tO call hOme.. *thumbs-up..!*~
dO u have pictures of ur cats..?

Monkey Boy said...

honey of the valley : wow ! u got 10 cats at ur house ! thats great ! really ! :) haha..bout my cats..ya..i got 29..and they all kucing kampung..cuz my family always kutip kucing2 nie sume tepi2 jalan or belakang kedai..huhu..god bless you to for keeping those cats in a place they can call home ! :) about my cats pics..i do have em..i'll upload it later kay ! :) thank you for following my blog !

Honey of the Valley said...

mine aLso kucing2 kampung jek..xde yg buLu2 panjang or mixed breed ke..but i aLways adore black cats u knOw..ssuukaaa sgt kucing hitam..they lOok sO shiny & elegant..used tO have lOts of black cats..since skOlah lama2 they grOw oLd and die..ada yg hiLang..ada yg kene curik..sdey sgt.. =( nOw my cats byk yg ceLoreng2..heheheh

Monkey Boy said... cats?u know..pnah satu mase dlu..kucing2 kat rumah sy sume black and white jew..kadang2 da mcm lmbu da sy tgk..haha..pape pown..tak kesah la kaler ape..kte kna jga diorg ! kn? :)

Honey of the Valley said...

yes..agreed..! camana2 pOn mesti kne jaga eLok2..kita da decide utk jaga dia sO tu da jadi amanah brOther seLaLu pesan kLu kita da janji nak peLihara sesuatu binatang tu,kita kene jaga makan minum sakit pening dia..sbb semua tu Allah akan tanya akhirat nnti..apa2 yg jd pd kucing tu akan disOal masa akhirat nnti..kLu eLok,byk la pahaLa kita kan.. actually i ada few gOod stOries abOut animaLs in my nak citer kat cni cam pnjg ar pLak kan..maybe i'll update it in my bLog nnti..hehehe

Monkey Boy said...

btl2..mmg klau da bela..mmg kna jaga tol2..huu..arap2 la kucing sy ckp bnd baik2 psl sy la kat blog..nanti sy usya kay.. :)

Anonymous said...

saya suka kucing...saya suka bela kucing.tapi takleh bela bebanyak..2 ekor je dah cukup.tinggal permenent dgn saya.tapi saya ada berbelas ekor kucing yang datang hanya nak makan kat rumah saya.pergh...penat melayan kucing2 yang datang menjamu selera kat rumah saya happy pasal semua kucing2 tu dgr ckap.saya kata kat kucing2 tu dtg 3 kali sehari je.pagi,tgh hari,mlm before 9pm dan mereka2 pun mengikut kata saya...

Honey of the Valley said...

baik hati awak..bagus awak ni..sama mcm ayah sy..ayah sy sukaaa sgt bagi kcuing makan..kLu dia baLik umah first thing dia akan tanya : kucing dah makan lOm..?
aik..anak dia ni da makn lOm dia x tanya beLa 10 ekOr yg tumpang makan ramai..hehehe..diOrg takut tau ngan kita..bila kita nak pegang cepat2 dia lari..sO kita trpaksa la undur diri bgi dia makan..kLu kita tgk dia xnak makan..dia nyOrok jek bwh keta..huhuh..teruskan bg kucing2 tu makan eak.. =)

Monkey Boy said...

Anonymous : huhu..wah ~ bgs la..awk bg makan kat diowg sume..gud2.. :) tp yg heran nyew..pandai lak diowg ikt jadual waktu erk..dtg bfre 9 pm sume..huhu.. :) pape pn..keep it up ! pahala tue ! :)