Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Hi guys ! It's me ! Regarding the PETKNODE case..I've been trying to follow the story from the beginning till now..Today i was able to follow them to Petaling Jaya Police HQ to get some feed back from the police regarding to case..

Here are the complete story about WHAT HAPPENED there !

I arrived at Petaling Jaya Police HQ around 2.30 p.m and i saw only a few people were there..i saw Mr. Suren the lawyer for this case..The Director of SPCA..and a few media members were also there..

We waited here for about 10 minutes, i was kinda lost and i ask an Indian guy ( Naga ) about the meeting, and he said maybe it will be on the fourth we moved on the the fourth floor.

Then another story happened on that fourth floor..

When we arrived at the fourth floor. We were stopped by the police officer, they said that there are no meeting here and they won't let us in. They said that they received orders not to let any of us except the pet owners to go inside the meeting room. WHAT THE ?? RECEIVED ORDERS NOT TO LET US IN ? WHAT ABOUT THE DEAL THEY PROMISED US YESTERDAY ?


- Yesterday we got a clearance or what can you say an order from BUKIT AMAN POLICE DEPARMENT that today there will be A MEETING at 2.30 here in Petaling Jaya Police HQ regarding the PETKNODE case..

- But today when we arrived they stopped  us and said that there is no meeting regarding this case and their orders are not to allowed us in !

- We tried to negotiate by asking them to call their deputy who probably the person in charge of this meeting to settle this matter..but all they keep saying is "he's somewhere here", " we cannot tell you ", " he's busy"

-why ? why you wanna keep it so secret ?

-The problem is, we were asked to come here and have a meeting by a higher ranking police officer, but when we arrived, its a different story..have we been cheated?

 Later on, she came, our adun Lembah Pantai Y. B Puan Izzah and she also quite shocked about what is happening to us, she felt that its unlawful for the policeman to treated us like this !

Some of them said that the policeman told them that all the pet owners already went back home, but its a lie cause we met the pet owners at level 2. Mmm..

Later on around 4.30 before we're going back, we all met at level 2..Mr. Suren and YB Puan Izzah give a bit of explanation and some feedback about this case..Sadly, all i heard is :

-We still don't have any feedback about the missing cat, so the police didn't do their work.
-We have to force the police to do every little things, if not, then they will not do anything
-We are disappointed  with the way they treated us

This words came out from the lawyers and even the owners of the pet..

I will try to keep you guys update ! So stay tunes !



Love the animals..Love the world..Love yourself....


Saiazuan said...

u should be the lawyer!!!!

Monkey Boy said...

aku erk ? hahaha

Anonymous said...

wow! YB Izzah also there?
yeah, fight for the rights.

thanks bro~~~~

-cat loVer-

Monkey Boy said...

yup ! she's there and gave us full support ! All we wanted is those two Malaysia MOST WANTED criminal to be punish for what they did..that's all..i'll try to keep u guys update ! Thanks ! :)

KuliSaja said...

thumbs up bro! be the stalker! force the stupid police to tell the truth! :D

Monkey Boy said...

KuliSaja : Everybody's there heard and witness what is happening..Im sure there is a good reason why all this happened.. :) lets work together, follow the law, and cooperate with our authority to take down those two culprit ! :)

Honey of the Valley said...

gOod Luck u guys..!! im sO proud of u.. =')

Monkey Boy said...

thank you for ur sapot !!! let us all work together kay ! :)

ery D cat said...

monkey boy...bagus!!!kena semua tau pasal ni..biar ramai yg bukak mata...

Monkey Boy said...

ery D cat : yup..semua nie kadang2 kita tak nmpk...jadi ble ade yg da taw..kna sbar2 kn la..huhu...tengs view ! :)