Sunday, 28 August 2011

MENTALITY that we must CHANGE !!!'s me again.. (^ _ ^)

Welcome back again...first of all i would like to apologize if my blog is “BORING......” huhu..Maybe because there are no pictures of hot girls and all that..haha..Whatever it is, I still hope that you guys will continue following my blog and help me change people’s heart and mind towards animals..
Peace ! :)

Oh ya ! Today’s entry, I will be talking about a thought that we always said !


Nowadays we usually heard a lot of thing about humans cruetly towards other humans like killing, massacre, and so on and so on...

And when other people heard about it, the only words that came out from their mouth is...

-Huh ! Cruel  !! Like an animals !

-So bad, just like an animals !

-This is totally wrong ! They have no heart  just like an animals !


(~ _ ~)

                                       HUMAN JUST LIKE ANIMALS !

Human just like animals ? Why ? Why when we human do bad things or cruel stuff, we call them as animals ? Why we refer human that do bad thing as animals ? The pictures below are an example of human cruelty !


mmmm....this is whay we always said that human have a heart like an animmals ! No feelings ! No sympathy ! No Brain !

BUT............Why it have to be animals ?Are animals..I meant the real animals are that bad ? Animals do all the cruelty like the pictures above ?

Have you guys heard of any  cases animals leaving their young to die ?

Mmmm..I'm sorry if I'm wrong..the pictures below are the picture what animals do with their youngs..

                                               mummy cat hugging her baby
                                                 orangutan with her baby
                                                  Giraffe kissing her young

                                                    "oh i love you ooo"
                                                       sleep togehter
                                      this what what we called animals-hearted ?

And this last picture might sum it all up !

So how ? Still thinking that we deserve to refer a human who done something wrong with an animals ?

Me myself a.k.a Monkey Boy begging you guys, please..please..change this kind of mentality !

We have tp admit that some human are cruel, but don't refer their attitude to an animals..because animals don't BEHAVE like that ! Try to find something else to refer..maybe a MONSTER ?

The perfect way to describe is..HUMAN IS BAD LIKE A HUMAN ITSELF !

Love the animals...Love the world...Love yourself....


shaa bonitaa said...

sgt setuju!! haiwan pon ade hati perot x mcm certain mnsia~
keep writing =)

Monkey Boy said...

tengs ! i will ! :D

cik sakdi said...


kimchi agasshi said...

betul3...haiwan lebih penyayang drpd sesetgh manusia...saya baru terfikir semua ni lepas baca entry u...thanx for sharing...(",)v

Monkey Boy said...

cik saidi : tHanks for viewing !

Monkey Boy said...

kimchi : haha..mmg btl..haiwan kan bayek..haha..thanx for viewing to ! :) spread it around kay ! :D

Anonymous said...

Pembuangan bayi adalah akibat telah berlakunya zina, oleh itu kita kena tangani masalah ni pd akar umbinya - jauhi pergaulan bebas lelaki pompuan - dating2 tu sume tak boleh, pegang2 tgn lelaki pompuan yg boleh kawin - HARAM yg tak boleh disamak..lebih baik pegang bara api ingat tu..

Monkey Boy said... msti igt..tue lah..manusia pandai wat..tak pandai ! :)

norzalina abdul rashid said...

I have been following your blog and I think that what you are trying to do is very noble. I don't find your blog 'boring' at all (I'm merely quoting you) but in fact, very enlightening. I think you are a wonderful person with a heart of gold. Keep up the good work, young man. You are appreciated.

Monkey Boy said...

norzalina : hi..first of all i would like to say thank you sooo much for supporting my blog.. :) it feels great and happy knowing that someone is supporting me..thank you.. :) what im trying to do here is nothing compare to all the animals lover out there..but this is the least i could do..for you and all my supporters..i will keep on writing for you guys! thank you!!!! :')

Dhiraj Kumar said...

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