Monday, 29 August 2011

A dog’s loyalty knows no bounds 2 ( Hachiko )

Hi my post about a dog who waited for his master at the train station ? if u haven't..then maybe you guys should read that post first before reading this one... :)

First of all ~  thanks to Lydia for the info about that i finally know that story is real..

HACHIKO (November 10, 1923–March 8, 1935)

Yup..that's the name..HACHIKO is the name for that dog and this tales come from JAPAN..

HACHIKO become an icon for Japan people because of his loyalty and he always become and examples to all children in Japan..

Hachiko's stuffed and mounted  remains are kept at the National Science Museum in Tokyo

A bronze statue in his likeness was erected at Shibuya Station where he waited
                                                    for his master
                                               Movie about Hachiko

So guys..what are you waiting for ? Start looking for this movie and let's change our mind and heart that animals DO HAVE a HEART and FEELINGS like we human do..

Love the animals..Love the earth..Love yourself...


Saiazuan said...

ko ada x movie ni? aku carik lama kot

Monkey Boy said...

nk cari mmg tak sure la ade subtitle ke x..sbb nie muve spanish tak silap aku

Honey of the Valley said...

sumpah mOvie ni best giLer..! like seriOusLy..i cried watching this mOvie..hachi sgt lOyal..and sangat coMel..tuan dia pOn baik sgt..sgt sygkan hachi...citer ni citer dLoad mOvie ni..xde puLak dia ckp spanish..kesian hachi tunggu tuan dia hari2 wpOn dia tau tuan dia da still he waits for 9 years..smpi dia da tua..smpi mati dia tggu tuan dia.... ='(
u must watch this mOnkey bOy..wajib..! hehehe

Monkey Boy said...

Honey of the valley : wah..u da tgk erk ? besh la..huhu..kna carik gak nie..aritu ade carik nk bahase spanish..huhu..pape pn..thanks share..mmg wajib kna tgk ! hehe

Honey of the Valley said...

i am mOre than happy tO share with u the dOwnlOad link.. =)

ni bukan singLe link..maksudnya ada 2 link u kne dLoad..then u kene jOin dua file yg da dLoad ni guna hjsplit..kLu x tau camana, boLe kLik kat ayat "New Users Click Here To See How To Join Files" kat bwah dLoad link tu... =)

Monkey Boy said...

Honey of the valley : wAH !!! tengs !! :) yeah !! psnie leh r nangis slalu..hee..oh ya..taw2..sbb slalu gak dunlud gune syok..jd taw gune natang haji tue..pape pn..tengs again !! :)

Honey of the Valley said...

haaa..bagus..! saya pOn syOkeratis jugak...kekekkeke...nick kat syOk apa eak...?

Monkey Boy said...

honey of the valley : haha..same ngan nick dlm blog nie.. :)